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The main goal of all our community development programs is centred on improving and enhancing the capacity of the needy and destitute people in pursuit of improving their socio-economic livelihoods and building resilience in their own society. Based on this principle, our organization works hard with people from diverse cultural backgrounds in impoverished urban areas to the very remote and unreached areas in Papua New Guinea to ensure that their most immediate and future means of socio-economic survival is improved and sustained in the long run. Livelihoods program activity covers two key components of which are skills training and extension support to participants-provide training as well as distributing materials and guiding them in their livelihood projects to ensure that they are successful. The training focus areas are; agriculture (crops & livestock farming), financial literacy, sewing, cooking, crafts and billum, floriculture and other life skills training.

The main target group and category of people in this program are primarily the unemployed youths and women, farmers and including most vulnerable people such as the single-parents, widows, orphans, victims of gender based-violence, people living with HIV/AIDS, victims of disaster-prone areas and generally people who are destitute and in conditions of socio-economic poverty. To date, we have impacted well over 20,000 people in a total of 5 provinces (Morobe, EHP,Simbu, Central and NCD) of which 8 districts are covered in total. Out of the participants, more than 40% are in the category of youths (age ranges from 12-25 years), followed by adult women on 30% and the adult men at 25% and the remaining 5% for the vulnerable people.

The main development partners that supported and funded this program are the national DOW and ADB, the SDA Mission, Bank of Papua New Guinea and Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI). The program successes have attracted other new emerging partners such as Susu Mamas Inc. Save the Children PNG, NARI and WIADF.