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The WASH program was set up to assist people living in remote and needy areas to improve their health and hygiene conditions. Lack of reliable access to clean water supply systems and proper toilets in most villages and settlements often lead to high incidence of waterborne diseases and other hygiene-related illnesses. Many people in PNG often misunderstand the fact that when we talk about WASH we include water supply systems which are connected together with proper toilets that have hand washing and shower facilities. Therefore, the WASH program provides two service components which are education & awareness campaign and technical WASH facility construction based on needs identified in target areas in Papua New Guinea. The main target beneficiaries are those people living in villages and settlements that has high incidence of water-borne diseases, rural farmers, educational institutions, impoverished urban settlements, disaster affected and resettlement areas. The program has impacted a number of communities in EHP, Simbu, Morobe and Central Provinces of which more than 50 water supply systems have been constructed using; rain catchment, under-ground bore water and gravity-fed from upstream water sources. In addition, we have also constructed more than 100 toilets with hand washing facilities blending in together with water supply systems in the above areas. This program is delivered based on proper need assessment in the needy community and availability of funding support from partners.

The main partners that provide support to this program are the PNG Unitech, SDA Mission, DOW & ADB, Four Square Mission, respective LLGs and World Vision (EU-UNICEF funded) under the “Klinpela Komunti Projek”. The WASH program has attracted a lot of interest from many unreached villages and districts but our main challenge is the funding scarcity that tends to limit our services. Since we have a subsidiary company called ANIS Construction Limited that deals with all technical construction projects, we assign them to carry out WASH construction facilities in communities where contracts are secured. One of the most notable and successful WASH projects that we have delivered so far was an EU/UNICEF funded WASH construction project in the Nawaeb District, Morobe Province and it was subcontracted
to us by World Vision PNG.